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Forrest Fleming - Chief Executive Officer 

Forrest Fleming has a distinguished career in creating successful disruptive technology companies across a diverse industry portfolio. He specializes in creating, funding, and executing business plans to optimally commercialize world-changing innovation.

Mr. Fleming was Founder and CEO for TrueVision Surgical (robotic digital surgery) in Santa Barbara CA from 2006 to 2018. TrueVision was acquired by Alcon/Novartis in December 2018, which included an exclusive IP license to TDS (a new Company spin out-True Digital Surgery) in Goleta CA as part of the transaction to address non-ophthalmology surgical markets.

Prior to TrueVision, Mr. Fleming was Founder and CEO of ScentAir Technologies, a pioneer in creating scent-marketing solutions for retail environments and brand building. He also has held senior sales and marketing positions for several successful early-stage Companies including Parametric Technology (Pro Engineer-Solidworks CAD software), Celera Genomics (drug discovery).  His early career was spent in various sales and sales management roles for several technology companies including Hewlett Packard.

Forrest holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Technology from California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo, California and remains a passionate alumnus serving in various advisory capacities.

Timothy James, PhD - Chief Technology Officer (Founder)

Timothy James has extensive experience in product innovation, and business development efforts within the MRI market.  His focus has been to match what is technologically possible with what is economically important. His experience includes the development and marketing of an in-office MRI scanner and the development of cryogenic low noise antennas for MRI.  At BioProtonics he has created a platform for microscopic biologic tissue texture diagnostic assessment, using novel magnetic resonance-based techniques. Over the past 20+ years, Tim has focused on applying technology to new market opportunities. This included leading the development of a digital x-ray imager based on underlying thin film transistor technology.  Tim holds a PhD in Materials Science from UC Santa Barbara.

Kristin James, PhD EE - Clinical and Regulatory Affairs (Founder)   

Kristin James’ career has encompassed technology development/project management in fields as diverse as clinical diagnostics, infrared detector material development, room temperature radiation detector development, optical properties of semiconductor materials as crystalline defect markers, and identification of damage mechanisms in composite materials. She was Program Manager for a Welsh government £2.6M Single Investment Fund grant and  is responsible for a large share of the company’s current IP position, including ongoing patent development and protection. She is currently focused on the clinical validation and regulatory pathway (510k) for MRH.   Dr James is a Howard Hughes Research Fellowship recipient and holds several patents/ peer-reviewed publications. She holds a PhD in Solid State EE from UC Santa Barbara.​

Arthur Thomas, PhD - Productization

Arthur Thomas has over 35 years’ experience at the boundary between informatics and the life sciences, with a particular emphasis on applications of artificial intelligence. He was founder and CEO of Proteus Associates, originally in the United States and more recently in the United Kingdom. He is also a research associate at the Oxford Internet Institute, working on health-related issues, an SAB member for the Global Health Network, Oxford, and a Graduate Adviser in Biomedicine at Balliol College, Oxford. Arthur’s principal expertise is in knowledge representation, image and data analytics and modelling of complex systems. He has served as a consultant to a large number of companies (ranging from startups to global corporations) in the life sciences and finance, and to government and academic institutions. He has also been an entrepreneur, having been a co-founder or founding consultant to a half-dozen companies in the life science space including BioWisdom/Instem, Caristo Diagnostics, CloudBroker and Paracel/Celera Genomics. Arthur holds a BA degree in Physiology from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University. He also performed post-doctoral work at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.


Kurt Maclean JD - Intellectual Property

Kurt MacLean has over thirty years of intellectual property and business consulting experience within the medical device sector. Early in his career he authored hundreds of issued patents including patents valued in the tens of millions of dollars and developed a litigation practice enforcing and defending IP. He later became a managing partner at Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnely, LLP responsible for a client portfolio valued at over 3 million dollars.  He performed IP due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, notably Baxter Healthcare, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Allergan, Dade Diagnostics, and UCLA. As an independent consultant he specializes in the identification of intellectual property assets and the implementation of cost-effective IP strategies with a market driven focus. Recently Mr. MacLean played a leading role in the identification and development of the TrueVision patent portfolio and IP program leading to a successful acquisition by Alcon Medical Optics. 

Daniel R. Doiron, PhD - Executive Chairman

Dan Doiron has 35 years of entrepreneurial experience in early-stage medical technology companies, including two IPOs.   He has extensive experience in IP and technology licensing with large pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

He received a BS and MS in Nuclear Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from UCSB.


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