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Magnetic Resonance Histopathology (MRH)

Creating a non-invasive, low cost,
MR based alternative to biopsy.

Phillips Scanner.jpg

For the first time, MRH provides meaningful diagnostic imaging resolution on tissue at the micro-level (sub 1mm).  MRH potentially will lead to a safer, less invasive, less costly alternative for many biopsies routinely performed today of which the majority are negative. This advancement will allow for earlier detection of many diseases and cancers and enable more accurate therapies sooner in the disease cycle to improve patient outcomes and lower medical costs.

  • Clinically robust—works in the real world

  • Fits seamlessly into MRI radiology workflow

  • One minute added sequence—low cost

  • Software implementation—no expensive hardware 

  • Readily operable by any scan technician

  • Non-invasive, and can be:

    • repeated as often as desired

    • used to characterize entire organ, eliminating sampling errors

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