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MRI vs Biopsy vs MRH Rev 5.jrh.jpg

BioProtonics’ MRH

  • improves outcomes by enabling earlier therapy prescription.  

  • facilitates therapy discovery by enabling earlier stage targeting of trial participants, providing sensitive measure of therapy response, and enabling high-resolution tissue measure for disease biomarker identification.

  • promises a huge benefit across a broad range of crippling diseases.


BioProtonics’ MRH

  • is a paradigm change in how MR-data is acquired.

  • enables extension of MR resolution into the tens of microns range even in the presence of significant patient motion.

  • informs the diagnostic work-ups in a large range of diseases previously only accessible through highly invasive and error-prone biopsy/pathology. 

  • adds negligible time/effort to an MR exam and requires no additional hardware.

  • highly structured output data facilitates use of machine learning analytics.

Current healthcare drivers facilitating rapid adoption: 

  • the prodigious installed base of MRI scanners and rapidly expanding use of MRI both in established applications and new clinical indications

  • the high diagnostic value & low cost of the measurement dovetails with the mandate for Value-Based Care

  • adoption ensures myriad new and compelling applications in the research, Pharma, and clinical arenas

  • BioProtonics, Inc. is positioned to pursue co-development and licensing opportunities with Pharma, with Big Data analytics providers, and with MRI OEM’s. 

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